Blue and white hand made mug with hand decorated fine line black decoration. Handmade with red earthenware clay and food safe glazes.

Black and Blue mug

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This pattern I call black and blue, for me, is a practice in meditation. I enjoy the repeating pattern of the arabesque that, in its most basic elements, is repetitive simplicity. I respond to the individual form and flow of the slip on the body of each pot. I can sit and draw these lines for hours and still find enjoyment in each and every bowl, mug, vase, or teapot. The strong contrast of the black on white with the hard shiny glaze is softened by the cool blue on the inside spilling over the rim.

4″h x 4 1/2″d x 5 1/2″w approximate dimensions
14-16oz approximate volume

Hand made from Nova Scotia earthenware clay
Decorated individually so image will vary
Glazed with custom designed food safe glazes
12oz (approximately)
Dishwasher (but hand washing is safest) and microwave safe